The 1960’s featured many diverse trends, it became a decade that broke many fashion traditions. Womens appearances changed- they wore fake eye lashes and wore bikinis. Accessories became less important and hairstyles were changed.



Menswear also changed, it became shaped and was defining popular fashions by Mods.



Designers began to produce and design clothing that was more practical and suitable of young adults, this mead to an increase of interests and sales too.


PVC became available and popular and box shaped PVC dresses were popular among others.


Fashions in the early 60’s were reflected on the elegance of the First Lady- Jacqueline Kennedy.

bouffant-hairstyle-jackie-kennedy jacqueline-kennedy-tapes-reveal-new-side-of-acamelota-jackie-o_-ayid_0-1

She introduced the Pillbox hat, wore suits with boxy jackets and had oversized buttons.

Women’s casual wear included Capri trousers. Stilettos were still widely popular and crazy prints like stripes and patterns were appearing on a lot of clothing.

Simple, geometric dresses called Shift became popular. Evening wear was full skirted ball dresses, they had a low décolletage and had loose fitting waists.


XXX__dsc0236 article-2019488-0D2F62A800000578-920_964x630

The suits of the 1960’s drifted away from the style of those in the 1950’s. They were no longer pale, toned shades, they were bright and colourful, and comfortable to wear too.

Frills and cravats were seen and wide ties (which were often worn 5 inches wide!), trouser straps, leather boots and collarless jackets became the new style, with the new style being shaped by Mods in the 1960’s.

Casual dress was a plaid button up shirt with slacks or a skirt.





tall black leather vintage 1960s riding military boots 6-f46198

In the mid 1960’s, Mary Quant designed the mini skirt. Because this skirt had become so popular and was being worn by almost every stylish young female, it pushed the longer length skirts out worn previously out of fashion.


As well as the mini skirt, the mini dress also came into fashion. It was often in the shape of an A-line or a sleeveless shift dress.



Andre Courreges introduced the new “space look”. t had trouser suits, white boots, goggles, box shaped dresses, and the skirts were roughly 3 inches above the knee.


They had fluorescent colours and were made of PVC and decorated with sequins.

The leaders of the 60’s style were British. Mods (modernists) were characterised by their choice of style, it was different from the 1950’s and it adopted new fads which would be copied by many young people.

Mods dressed quite classy. They mimicked the clothing and hairstyles of high fashion designers in france and italy. They wore slimming tailored suits, anoraks, ride scooters (Vespas, Lambrettas). Mods only wore jeans by levi’s and was called ‘the gent look’.



The Who, The Small Faces and The Kinks were bands that had emerged from Mod culture. Mods were known for the Jazz they listened to as they showed off new styles. Women were only accepted into the group in 1964, they had short, clean haircuts and dressed similarly to male mods.

group-around-vespa tumblr_m730010vu71rn8ya7o1_500

The lifestyle and music tasked of the mods was the opposite to those of rockers.

Rockers liked 1950’s rock and roll music, they wore black leather jackets and had greased back hair in a pompadour style. Rockers also rode motorbikes.

rockershangout 1- tumblr_m730010vu71rn8ya7o1_500

Top Models

pale lipstick

hemlines rising

angel dress

cowl neck

baby doll dress

cocktail dress


swing coats

dyed fake furrs

nehru jackets

velvet mini dress

rolling stones

dandified look

carnally street and chealsea road virtual fashion parades

flared trousers



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