The 1990’s was a very different, leading to the popularisation of the casual chic look, including T-shirts, jeans, hoodies, andtrainers which continued into the 2000s.

The early 1990s was really continuation of 1980s fashion: women wore manerless denim button down shirts, neon colors, oversized sweaters, T-shirts, sweatshirts, baby doll dresses, trenchcoats lined with fake fur, and black leather jackets. Matching jeansand denim jackets began to be made in darker shades rather than the bleached acid wash of the 1980s.




Leotards were worn with jeans, or skirts, a baby doll dress or short dress with black opaque tights, white crazy slouch socks and white sneakers. Or a dress would sometimes be worn over black leggings.

butterick sewing pattern 1980s disco style dress tunic leggings pants sexy side slit sleeveless bust-f15974

The mid-1990s saw a revival of 1960s fashion from 1993 onwards, including hippie-style floral dresses, turtleneck shirts, lace blouses, and Gypsy tops.


Popular accessories during the mid-1990s included conch shell necklaces, straw hats, chunky wedge heeled platform shoes, knee high boots, and dolly shoes. Around this time in Europe (especially Italy), it was also fashionable to dress entirely in black or wear designer clothing displaying Italian or French labels (such as Lacoste, Yves Saint-Laurent, Armani, Gucci, or Chanel) as this showed wealth.



In the late 1990s, women wore pastel colors like pink or baby blue, fleeces, tank tops revealing the midriff (crop top), and Union jackmotifs inspired by the Cool Britannia movement. This continued into the 2000s.

Unknown images

Many trends from the early and mid-1990s continued late into the decade, including flared trousers, miniskirts, grey sweatpants, yoga pants, capri pants, low-waisted jeans inspired by the designs of Alexander McQueen, and thong underwear popularised bycontemporary R&B and jungle music.


grunge look

modern preppy




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