The naughties was a vert mashed up decade, we see trends from previous decades, the return of bright colours being one of them. Women wore shoes and boots with rounded toes, feminine styles were introduced over the years, this included denim mini skirts, burberry, hip-hop inspired sweatpants, ugh boots, Daisy ducks, ripped jeans, flip flops, ponchos, denim jackets and tank tops.

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A new style called boho had appeared on the streets. People inspired by this look wore skinny jeans, maxi dresses, over sized sunglasses, accessories, sandals, boots and clothes made out of flowy materials.


Summer 2007 saw a resurgence of interest in ethnic fashion from India and the Middle East, including harem pants, silk sashes,sarongs, gypsy tops, and the saree as young British and American women discovered Bollywood cinema and belly dancing, popularized by Shakira.




By the beginning of 2006, men and women’s fashion was influenced by 190’s punk, like acid wash skinny jeans, neon colours, fishnet tights, and studded jackets. Shirts and jeans featured ripped fabric and leather jackets made a return and celebrities including madonna has been wearing this style.




The clothing of American hip-hop fans underwent an evolution from the sagging baggy gangster jeans of the 1990s to a more retro look by the end of the decade. Popular items of clothing included baseball jackets, Nike Air Jordans, tracksuits, sweatpants, bucket hats, stunna shades, fur-lined puffer jackets, and flat-brim trucker hats or baseball caps.

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In the early 2000s, the most common British subcultures were the chavs and skate punks who had a (sometimes violent) rivalry. Chavs favored hip-hop fashions like tracksuits, burberry baseball caps, white trainers, and cheap sportswear. Common haircuts included spiky hair, a fauxhawk, a heavily gelled quiff.



In America, common subcultures of the early 2000s included the nu-metal fans and goths who wore black leather duster coats andtripp pants. Their rivals were the jocks and preppies: wealthy teenagers who wore expensive designer clothes by Hollister, Old Navy,Abercrombie and Fitch, and American Eagle.

goths_germany goths39_20070401_1227556692

From 2003–2007 indie culture went mainstream in both Britain and the US, prompting a revival of 1960s Mod and British Invasionfashions and vintage clothing. Other subcultures, including American preppies and even rappers like Kanye West, imitated indie fashions or combined them with elements of Japanese street style, like the Harajuku and Lolita fashion popularized by Gwen Stefani.

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